Bill Aims to Make Disabled in SC More Self-Sufficient


COLUMBIA, S.C. – A bill aimed at helping South Carolinians who have disabilities be more self-sufficient  is now moving through the South Carolina House. The ABLE Act, which stands for Achieving a Better Life Experience, would allow people with disabilities to set up tax-deferred savings accounts to use for housing, transportation, job training, and other needs.
Right now, if they have more than $2,000 in assets they lose their government benefits like Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income.

Roy Williams’ 19-year-old son Sean has autism. He lives at home because, under the current law, there’s no way for him to save up to buy a home of his own, yet he can’t afford to rent something either. “There’s no way to ever save more than $2,000 to do anything,” Roy says. “He’s kind of trapped into a situation where he has to stay at home if he can’t save to buy his own home.”

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