HearUSA reminds that May is Better Hearing Month


Acknowledging hearing loss usually begins with complex reactions, but the first and most common one is denial. Although there are many reasons why people go into denial about hearing loss, the bottom line is: taking that first step to get a hearing test may confirm their worst fear — that they do, indeed, have a hearing loss.

There are factors that make denial a logical mind set for many people. For example, hearing loss often progresses slowly. People don’t realize what they are missing in conversations and how many everyday sounds from the world around them they no longer hear — they subconsciously adapt to this subtle progression. It is a known fact that it takes about seven years for someone to acknowledge hearing loss.

Source : http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/lifestyles/health/hearusa-reminds-that-may-is-better-hearing-month/nk4MX/