Neal Stephenson’s ‘Seveneves’ Has Finally Arrived. What We Learned About The Future From The Biggest Sci-Fi Novel Of 2015 (Spoiler Free)


Neal Stephenson knows how to go big. “Seveneves,” the science fiction author’s latest novel, spends nearly 900 pages telling an epic story about humanity’s quest for survival after an explosion on the moon incinerates Earth. technology in our own.

Stephenson has developed a rabid fan base over the last two decades by somehow fitting dense, technical themes — cryptography, surveillance, currency, you name it — into more than a dozen novels. Already ferocious anticipation for “Seveneves,” out May 19, ramped up again when Stephenson posted the first 26 pages of the book online, luring fans in immediately with the opening line, “The moon blew up without warning and for no apparent reason.”

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