Pankh: A trust that trains disabled youth to join the retail industry


At 11 am at the Tech Mahindra Centre at Santacruz (W) where 25 deaf students were being taught at Pankh, an initiative by the Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India (TRRAIN) there were all eyes on the white board. Instructor Pradeep More, who is deaf himself, was teaching the class an English module.

Ameesha Prabhu, CEO of Pankh was also at the centre in Malti Jayant Dalal High School, near LS Raheja College. She says, “The classes are run for 60 days with Thursdays as a weekly off. We also run classes in other cities in Western and Southern India. They have class on Saturday and Sunday too since the retail industry habit of working on weekends needs to be inculcated in students.”

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