A Light In The Darkness


On the evening of June 3, 2005, a wedding reception was being held for Arati, the daughter of Rajnikant Ramji, a senior bank employee, at the Sumangali Hall at Kollam. “Since it was the first marriage of the second generation, many relatives from Gujarat had come,” says Rajnikant.

There was a suggestion from some family members that Rajnikant’s 22-year-old son, Rakesh, should be allowed to sing. Rakesh is autistic and blind, but had been listening to songs from his childhood. “When we gave the mike to him, the first song he began to sing was Kishore Kumar’s ‘Yeh Sham Mastani’ [from the Hindi film, Kati Patang (1971)].” About 70 bank friends of Rajnikant who were preparing to leave, stopped and decided to listen to this song. In the end they stayed and listened to the entire set of eight songs.

Source : http://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/thiruvananthapuram/A-Light-In-The-Darkness/2015/07/27/article2941935.ece