Disability and homelessness do not deter this activist from filing RTIs in Delhi


You may come across many RTI activists who are educated enough and know their rights also, but 55-year-old Nand Lal is an example of how only awareness can also help you know your rights as a citizen. Nand Lal is a whistle-blower and social worker engaged with the plight of the homeless in Delhi. He has been waging a silent war on injustice to the homeless for about 20 years.

Speaking with iamin, Nand Lal recalls how in 1992, he came to the National Capital to seek employment opportunities but Polio forced him to beg on the streets instead. Lal is also a homeless.

Source : http://www.dnaindia.com/delhi/report-disability-and-homelessness-do-not-deter-this-activist-from-filing-rtis-in-delhi-2122787