One-day workshop on learning disabilities to be organised at Panchkula

A one-day workshop on “Identifying Learning Disabilities in Young Children” is going to be organized by ISHH Guidance and Counselling Centre at Panchkula near Chandigarh on October 3 to make education inclusive and fruitful.

According to the organizers of the workshop, as many as 30 million school-going children in India experience learning differences. In other words, nearly 20 per cent of the entire school going population, struggle at school as a result of differences in their brain wiring. With the right support and intervention, such children can succeed in schools and go on to have a successful and distinguished careers later in life, opine the experts.

The main objectives of the workshop are to understand the term learning disabilities (LDs) and learning process; familiarize participants with learning disabilities and related difficulties; understand developmental milestones and warning signs of LDs; accommodate children with learning disabilities in regular classrooms; make use of informal and formal assessments for children with LDs.