Why is the Government trying to deport a frail, disabled couple fleeing war-torn Libya?


As the Libyan war escalated in the spring of 2014 Mr and Mrs Sharma were visiting their two daughters in England. Mr Sharma, 72, was a professor of Mathematics in Benghazi University. He had lived with his 64-year-old-wife in Libya for 30 years. While staying with their daughters, their house was bombed and all their belongings were destroyed. Since 2014 they have lived with their daughter, Rajni Kapur, on whom they are now entirely dependent.

In the last 18 months the health of the Sharmas has deteriorated so much that they are now both considered to have significant disabilities. According to their GP, they are too unwell to be able to live independently. They need the support of their daughters, and not only in terms of providing a home, food, and emotional and psychological support. They also need them to perform everyday activities that most people would take for granted such as bathing, eating, and drinking.

Source : http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/why-is-the-government-trying-to-deport-a-frail-disabled-couple-fleeing-war-torn-libya-10513862.html