Motivational story of a 23 year old Srikanth Bolla who built a Rs. 50 crore company










Today we bring you an inspirational story of 23 year old Srikanth, who is the CEO of Hyderabad based Bollant Industries, a company that employs the uneducated and disabled to manufacture eco-friendly and disposable consumer packaging solutions, a Rs. 50 crore company.

He is the same baby who was born blind and the neighbours had suggested his parents to smother him so as to prevent the lifetime suffering they would have to go through. And now, 23 years later that same Srikanth Bolla is a millionaire. He considers himself the luckiest person alive not because of his company’s success or his monetary well-being but because he was born to such parents who raised him with utmost love and affection even after being uneducated and earning just Rs. 20,000 a year. Srikanth considers his parents the richest people he knows.

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