From Mumbai to Delhi: This boy will cycle 1,500 km to inspire the disabled

With the motive of embarking on a 1,500 km cyclathon, Himanshu Kumar has reached Mumbai from Delhi. Beginning January 31, he aims to complete the cyclathon in 15 days.
Himanshu, who has been cycling in local tournaments of 20-40 kms, is riding his longest stretch this time. Speaking of his route, he said, “I want Delhi to be my finishing point. It’s my hometown. I get more support from people there, upon finishing.” A national long para-runner of India, he hopes to take his skills to England or Europe someday, where the cycling circuit is huge. “I want to set an example. So people stop holding themselves back because of their disability,” said the 22-year-old.

Himanshu in the past has run from Agra to Delhi to raise awareness about paraplegic sports and prosthetic legs. “When I met him, at that very moment I realised that this guy cannot relax. He wants more from his life. A disability can surely not stop him,” said Rahul Verma from the Delhi Runners group (DRG).

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