This beggar in Bihar earns Rs 30,000 each month

Polio-stricken Siddhant did not want a job to eke out his livelihood. Neither did he wish to draw doles for his disability.So this 25-year-old Gaya resident chose a vocation that is not consciously adopted by others, and came up with an enterprising plan — begging, which fetches him Rs 30,000 every month. “Why should I run after a paltry grant of Rs 600 given to the disabled in Bihar? I earn no less than Rs 1,000 everyday and that, too, for no work. I am happy with my present state, I don’t think of a future or the past,” said Siddhant, who is uneducated.
As a child, Siddhant’s right leg was affected by polio. His mother, who supported the family of two by making earthen lamps, lost all hopes of a cure. Siddhant then decided to start begging to help his mother supplement her meagre income.

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