Start-ups story: app managed by physically-challenged

A start-up from Hyderabad has shown the way in empowering the physically-challenged and bringing them on par with the mainstream workforce. The e-commerce mobile app, JustBuy, will use the services of 99 per cent of its differently-abled employees to run its business.The start-up has hired about 18 employees, which include physically and visually-challenged, in the roles of delivery boys and customer service executives. The app, which went live recently on the Android platform, helps deliver groceries to the doorsteps of the customers.
The founder of the start-up, Sandeep Gudi, informed that the novel idea was executed after three months of trial runs. “We are the first in south India to have physically-handicapped persons as delivery boys. There are 13 deaf and dumb persons who will deliver the groceries to the customers,” said Sandeep. “The idea to hire them came up while we were recruiting people for the start-up. We have trained the employees and they have been doing their tasks really well. I can say that there were hardly any mistakes on their part. Only after we were convinced after the trial runs, we are launching the app.”

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