Only a third of Coimbatore’s differently-abled are employed

Coimbatore: Anjum Khan, a 28-year-old assistant professor, who became blind at the age of three, considers herself lucky to be employed today. Only one-third of the disabled population in the city are employed, according to recently released data based on the 2011 census. Although Coimbatore is kinder to the disabled when compared to other Tier II cities in the state, much needs to be done to ensure that the rest of the disabled are also employed.

There are 32,794 disabled people in the city, and 10,895 of them are employed. More disabled people are employed in the city when compared to Chennai, Madurai and Trichy where less than 30 per cent of disabled are employed. The district differently-abled welfare officer, Chandrashekar C, attributes this to the government welfare schemes. “We are helping disabled people in the city get jobs in both government and private sectors. We have tied up with some non-governmental organizations to provide skills training for disabled candidates.”

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