Handicapped Indian goes globetrotting to spread message of safe driving

KUWAIT: In his handicap motorbike, Indian national B V Narayan set off from the city of Bangalore in February 2015 on a single-minded, globetrotting mission to create awareness about safe driving. An ex-cyclist and handicapped, he arrived in Kuwait from Bahrain on March 6 as part of his expedition to cover 25 countries.
“I want to tell all parents not to give two-wheelers to young children. Never use cell phones while driving and walking on roads. Never drink and drive ,” Narayan said, cautioning people about the common, but often ignored rules about road safety.Sitting in the library of the Indian Embassy in Kuwait, he spoke to Kuwait Times briefly as to why he has undertaken the mission to go around the world on his motorbike. He also seeks to encourage the handicapped people not to get disheartened or feel helpless because they are physically challenged.

Source : http://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/handicapped-goes-globetrotting-spread-message-safe-driving/

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