Out on bail, DU prof Saibaba says he has returned to a bigger prison

Delhi University teacher GN Saibaba may be out of the Nagpur Central Jail but he doesn’t consider himself to be a free man. He says he has just been removed from a smaller prison and thrown into a bigger one.“The common man, teachers and students do not have the right to speak and express their opinions. If this is not a prison, then what is? The anda (egg-shaped) cell I was lodged in had four walls. This one is open. I will be a free man only when tribals have freedom to do anything,” said Saibaba in an interview to HT.
The 90% disabled Delhi University professor was granted bail by the Supreme Court on Monday. An associate professor of English, Saibaba was arrested in 2014 by Maharashtra police for alleged links with Maoists.

Source : http://www.hindustantimes.com/india/out-on-bail-du-prof-saibaba-says-he-has-returned-to-a-bigger-prison/story-Ed3rVkVozw5NOOwJ42FGvK.html

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