Why disability rights activists hate being called ‘divyang’ or divine-bodied by the Government

What’s in a name – Divyang, Vikalang vs persons with disabilities…
The honourable Prime Minister of India in all his good intentions proposed the use of the word ‘divyang’ in place of the word ‘vikalang’. I assume that the Prime Minister is blissfully unaware of the political connotations attached with the word ‘divyang’.
‘Divyang’ or divine or to say divinity is not something innate to persons with disabilities.
We, at least, I can vouch for myself that I am neither divine nor I have anything ‘god like’ in me. My foremost identity is of a human being with the equal share of virtues and vices same as the man sitting next to me.

Source : http://www.counterview.net/p/why-disability-rights-activists-hate.html

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