Rights of the disabled

Even today the disabled in India see their physical or mental limitation whether as a source of shame or source of inspiration for others. By concentrating on overcoming the disability, we fail to notice that a disability itself cannot be overcome by a disabled person, however,  heroic he or she  may be. In the west, the disability rights movement has realized this and therefore, they proclaim that “it is okay, even good to be disabled. Disability is a class in itself that anyone may fall victim at anytime.
Unlike other movements like feminism or lesbian movements which have distinct agendas of either gender justice or the right to sexual orientation, the disability right movement does not have systematic path.Disablity right movement even in the west has a very recent origin and tries to draw strength from the traditional legal order rather than by critiquing or deconstructing it. Joseph Shapiro neatly summarises the characteristic of this movement in the west.” The disability movement is a mosaic movement for the 1990’s .Diversity in its critical Characteristic. No leader or organization can claim to speak for all the disabled.

Source : http://www.dailyexcelsior.com/rights-of-the-disabled/

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