‘I was groped by porters’: Why a woman is petitioning Indian Railways for disabled-friendly trains



Winner of Miss Wheelchair India Pageant in 2014, traveller, writer, a mini-celebrity on Quora, and motivational speaker, Virali Modi is accustomed to dealing with constant reminders of the condition that renders her unable to walk. On three separate occasions, the 25-year-old was groped and manhandled by porters at railway platforms in India while they lifted her or her chair into the train.
“The first time it happened was in 2008,” said Modi. “I was travelling to Delhi with my mother for treatment. She asked two porters to help transport me into the train and onto my berth and while one of them scooped me from under my legs, another lifted me from under my arms and wrapped his arms around my upper body.

Source : https://scroll.in/magazine/833547/i-was-groped-by-porters-why-a-woman-is-petitioning-indian-railways-for-disabled-friendly-trains

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