In Conversation With Virali Modi: Shattering Stereotypes Of Disability



I’m sure all of us have heard and talked about our superheroes at some point in our lives. I consciously use the term ‘superhero‘ because the concept of a women being a role model is not something that occasionally comes in our minds. Moving on, even I had the occasional superhero fascination and followed them from time to time. But have you ever thought of your superhero as a person who is in a wheel chair or who is holding a crutch or who is unable to see or speak? No right? Because doing that would be absurd, right?
How can a person who doesn’t function ‘normally‘ be someone’s aspiration of a superhero? That would be weird, right? Unfortunately, that’s what most of us able-bodied people in the society believe. When we think of ‘normal‘ we don’t think of disabilities, because, unfortunately the able bodied are the more visible ones and hence disabilities don’t really matter.

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