While We Bicker Over Restaurant Bills, Govt Has Just Imposed A Tax On India’s Disabled People Under GST

The ‘disability tax’ under Good and Services tax (GST) on the equipment and appliances used by the disabled certainly violates the idea of India being a ‘welfare state’. But since Modi government has decided to fill its coffers at the cost of the wellbeing of the disabled, essential appliances used by them are set to get dearer.
Prior to the roll-out of GST, the equipment such as carriages, crutches, wheelchair, braille books, typewriters and other equipment were largely immune to any tax.  But now most of this equipment which are must for disabled to function are set to get costly by 5-18 percent which will certainly burn a hole in the pocket of the disabled.

Source : http://www.indiatimes.com/news/india/while-we-bicker-over-restaurant-bills-govt-has-just-imposed-a-tax-on-india-s-disabled-people-under-gst-325151.html

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