No country for disabled

The School of Planning and Architecture was not willing to admit Apoorv Om, then his parents went to court. They had to admit himThis is not a country for the physically-disabled. There are, of course, laws in place, but in reality, it exists only in court rooms and on paper. My father, who is a lawyer, has had to file cases for me.
The system here doesn’t support people like us. I am deaf, suffer from retinitis pigmentosa, a disorder of the eyes, which causes a gradual loss of vision. My speech is impaired, but I have undergone speech therapy. So, people around me can understand what I say, but maybe not everyone. I am currently studying B. Arch at the School of Planning and Architecture, but I may have to leave it soon. I am 23-years-old and I should have been in the third year in college, but I’m still in the first year. I had to take a gap year in between because I had fallen ill, and the college authorities have persistently been against me.

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