Dear States, End Your Cruel Apathy And Give The Disabled Their Legal Due!

When Parliament enacted the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill, 2016, it was seen as a landmark piece of legislation which established a paradigm shift in how the Indian polity understood and thought about disabilities.From a mere concern for social welfare, it became an issue of human rights, and our lawmakers passed appropriate legislation to address this lacuna in our laws.
“The Act lays stress on non-discrimination, full and effective participation and inclusion in society, respect for difference and acceptance of disabilities as part of human diversity and humanity, equality of opportunity, accessibility, equality between men and women, respect for the evolving capacities of children with disabilities, and respect for the right of children with disabilities to preserve their identities,” state Choudhary Laxmi Narayan and Thomas John in a paper published for the Indian Journal of Psychiatry.

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