Unique Mumbai Cafe Helps Staffers Overcome Disabilities

Mumbai: It was barely three months ago that a US-returned medico started a small cafe in upscale Juhu as a unique venture – employing mostly those who suffer from various developmental disabilities.
Now, Cafe Arpan has gained huge popularity – among patrons, many of whom have become regulars, and among the 19 specially-abled staffers who love to slog 30 hours over six days a week to make this trendsetter eatery a super success.
“It was like a dream and in planning for nearly a year, but only after getting a proper place and crowdfunding that we finally opened the doors on August 2. I have 19 staffers, mostly full-timers, including my elder daughter, all suffering from some or the other form of developmental disability,” the founder-owner, Dr. Sushama Nagarkar, told IANS.

Source : http://www.theshillongtimes.com/2018/10/29/unique-mumbai-cafe-helps-staffers-overcome-disabilities/

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