MAMUN MILITARY STATION (PATHANKOT), Nov 12: “My ability is stronger than my disability!” This was not just the essence of quote, displayed on the bill boards/hoardings put up across the Mamun Military Station – the venue of “Samman Samaroh for the Disabled Soldiers in the Line of duty”, but the core of grit and determination writ large on the faces of “Brand Ambassadors” here on Monday.
No wonder, for most of these army officers in wheel-chairs, their ‘loss’ incurred in line of duty (in majority of cases in J&K), though monumental and for life time, was a “badge of honour” and thus they accepted no sympathies – not from any quarter. Hence they were chosen as “Brand Ambassadors” for the “Year of Disabled Soldiers- 2018.”
With their “Never say die” attitude, they, along with around 500 serving and retired disabled soldiers of Indian army, residing in the northern India, present there, imbued an awe-inspiring spirit in the function.

Source : http://www.kashmirtimes.com/newsdet.aspx?q=84715

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