Enhancing the lives of persons with disabilities, Meenu Bhambhani of Mphasis

5-6% of India’s population has some or the other form of disability, of these only 1% or so are employed. Mphasis an IT services company wanted to change this scenario. Meenu Bhambhani, the VP and CSR head of Mphasis, who has been instrumental in this says, “I joined the company in 2007 when the company was looking for a CSR head and also for someone who could manage Diversity and Inclusion function as well.
Coming from a disability background, I started my journey with a twin-track approach – working internally with staffing training and admin team to increase the number of employees with disabilities and bringing about systemic changes through equal opportunity policy, reasonable accommodation and working towards making built and technology environment accessible. We also used CSR grant making strategically to pilot solutions that address barriers faced by people with disabilities in leading a life of dignity.”

Source : https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/blogs/ResponsibleFuture/enhancing-the-lives-of-persons-with-disabilities-meenu-bhambhani-of-mphasis/

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